Beauty, harmony, naturalness.
MIGLIOR VISO, 6 principles have inspired Dr. Migliori in creating Miglior Viso.

Miglior Viso is a brand that provides excellent services and products for patients.

Located in Forte Dei Marmi, our aesthetic medicine clinic is specialized in enhancing the natural beauty of the are face according to the golden proportion.

Miglior Viso is for people who want to feel comfortable with themselves. People who would love to receive an exclusive and avant-garde service, able to guarantee natural-looking results.

TheMiglior Viso method is pioneering and it is based on:

  • Natural results enhancing the beauty and facial harmony
  • Careful diagnosis and personalized treatment planning
  • Advanced and non-invasive technologies with no risks and complications. Patients will be able to return to everyday life immediately
  • Listening to patients and meet their individual needs enhance doctor-patient relationship. Therefore, appointments will be scheduled.

Miglior Viso Clinic in Forte Dei Marmi prevent bad experiences such as:

  • unnatural and extreme results causing discomfort
  • having surgery to correct previous results with all the risk related
  • feeling anxious during treatments due to the uncertainty of the final result
  • everyday tasks become overwhelming due to long recovery. Scars take time to heal
  • you’ll start to see the effects slowly wear off because of the lack of a maintenance plan.

Our pioneering Miglior Viso Programs guarantee maximum results within one to four months.
. Treatments follow a gradual path with personalized sessions.

Thanks to advanced diagnostic technologies, Miglior Viso can guarantee patients an exclusive final result showing a customized simulation.

Go beyond your expectations: Miglior Viso makes you feel rejuvenated, naturally. Contact us now!

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