A fresh and bright look enhances your eyes.

Under-eye wrinkles

Over time, the repeated contraction of facial muscles creates deep lines giving a grim expression.



Tissue failure can affect the eyelids and the brow area. Dark circles and eye bags make you look weary.

Irregular Features

The nose and chin may have irregular shapes and protrusions. Aesthetic medicine helps you find right proportions.


Care and attention to women’s needs to give them a natural look. You can achieve results too.


Here’s what our patients say about the Migliori method.


Looking at my old pictures, I saw wrinkles and deep lines around my lips, eyes, and cheeks that I didn’t have in the past and that made me feel uncomfortable. Dr. Migliori has studied a specific program for me based on hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin, peeling, and laser.
The results have been amazing, beyond my expectations. Wrinkles have almost disappeared, and my skin is bright again.


60 years old

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Naturalness and Harmony

Through computerized analysis and 3D simulations, we focus on developing a unique individual course of treatment to guarantee each patient the desired result.

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