Solve a specific problem or treat your skin with advanced medical devices.


There might be different types of spots.

Identifying the type is fundamental to choose the right removal treatment.


Whatever the cause, acne, trauma, surgery, scars have one thing in common: they are unwanted marks drawing attention.


This is a condition where redness appears around the nose and surrounding area due to a chronic inflammatory response and this makes you feel uneasy.


Care and attention to women’s needs to give them a natural look. You can achieve results too.


Here’s what our patients say about the Migliori method.


I had big spots on my face for a while and that made me feel uncomfortable. So I went to a doctor for a visit, but it didn’t go well and the problem got worse. Dr. Migliori studied my case and proposed skin peel treatment and medication. I saw results in several days, never seen before. She finally fixed my problem. I’m happy and more confident now.



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Naturalness and Harmony

Through computerized analysis and 3D simulations, we focus on developing a unique individual course of treatment to guarantee each patient the desired result.

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