The Migliori Method

A holistic approach that starts from a detailed analysis and allows you to treat the problem in all its aspects. It guarantees you a natural result.


Through a computerized analysis we find the right mix of treatments to get the desired result.

It is a computerized skin analysis of your facial characteristics.

Crisalix software provides an accurate 3D simulation of face and body, also available online.

Computerized skin analysis of your face and 3D simulation. Available at the clinic.


Your program

After the analysis, a treatment program is planned with customized protocols necessary to get the expected result, previously seen through computer simulation.


At Miglior Viso Clinics you will find avantgarde equipment, approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and unique protocols, designed by Dr. Migliori during these 15 years/ over these years.


A filler combination to contrast sagging and redefine facial features naturally/ with a non-invasive method.
Wrinkles and blemishes/ imperfections fade, while face will maintain facial expressions. Enhance your lineaments preserving your natural beauty.


The combination of a controlled tissue heating and a specific biostructuring treatment stimulates the production of new collagen and will determine a cheek and oval lift. You’ll look rejuvenated!


Biostimulation without needles, together with Miglior Viso techniques, is the treatment presented at the 77th Venice International Film Festival, Suite Miglior Viso, before walking the red carpet. The treatment tones and regenerates the face, neck, and decollete.

BOTOX Miglior Viso

Thanks to an exclusive technique, Botox Miglior Viso will give you a natural looking result, without changing your facial features and expressions.

BIOLIFT Miglior Viso

The Biolift treatment, together with Miglior Viso techniques, will guarantee a lifting effect and tone the whole face and neck area.

BIOREVIVE Miglior Viso

The Biorevive treatment together with Miglior Viso techniques will boost your hydration with a biostructuring effect in the face and neck area.


This is a therapeutic and preventive medical procedure that purifies skin removing sebum, blackheads, and dead cells. The treatment has 3 phases to get smoother and brighter skin immediately: cleansing, extraction, and infusion.


Laser for photorejuvenation in women under 45. Within few sessions skin texture and tone will be improved. Face, neck and decollete will be brighter and tighter.


Laser for photorejuvenation stimulates cellular rejuvenation and regenerates collagen and elastin. It will gently remove the damaged layers of skin such as scars and stretched marks.The skin is now smooth, soft and hydrated.

Venus Legacy

Multipolar Radio Frequency and Magnetotherapy regenerate elastin and collagen naturally. The skin of your face and other areas will look firmed, toned and redensified as early as your first session.


Microfocused ultrasound for skin tightening. Reaching the deepest layers, the treatment will lift the cheeks, give a fresh look, redefine the lineaments and neck. It is also used to tone arms, abdomen, tights and glutei in one session.

Young Hands Miglior Viso

The treatment makes your hands look soft, plumped and moisturized.


Taking care of our own body means feeling good about ourselves.

Find out the most suitable treatment program to rejuvenate and reshape the body.


Here’s what our patients say about the Migliori method.


I started noticing my face look tired and wrinkled as time goes by.
I looked at myself in the mirror and I didn’t like it. I didn’t want other people to see it. Dr. Migliori refreshed my face, studying the combination of the most suitable treatments. Using ultrasound, I had a facelift and neck lift. I also had injectable treatments such as hyaluronic acid and botox that relaxed my face and restore volume, naturally. Now, everybody says I look 10 years younger.


42 years old

They talk about us