Proportions of lines, shapes, volumes to glorify naturalness.


Many factors may accelerate aging.

As we get older, the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid slows down and wrinkles become more visible.

Sagging and hollow area

Aging, sun exposure, and unhealthy life contribute to loosen the skin and make your features, including the cheekbones, look flatter.

Irregular features

Nose and chin may have irregular shapes and disharmonious protrusions. Aesthetic medicine helps you find harmonic proportions.


Care and attention to women’s needs to give them a natural look. You can achieve results too.


Here’s what our patients say about the Migliori method.


I started noticing my face look tired and wrinkled as time went by. I looked at myself in the mirror and I didn’t like it. I didn’t want other people to see it. Dr. Migliori refreshed my face, studying the combination of the most suitable treatments. Using ultrasound, I had a facelift and neck lift. I also had injectable treatments such as hyaluronic acid and Botox that relaxed my face and restored volume, naturally.Now, everybody says I look 10 years younger.


42 years old

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Naturalness and Harmony

Through computerized analysis and 3D simulations, we focus on developing a unique individual course of treatment to guarantee each patient the desired result.

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