How did I find inspiration for this new experience? People’s faces are the center of my research to restore beauty, balance, and wellness without any risk of looking weird due to treatments.

We read emotions and expressions from faces

I have a long experience as an aesthetic doctor and I’ve performed non-invasive treatments for over 10 years to help people feel more comfortable with themselves, overcome low self-esteem, and feel happy.
As an aesthetic doctor, I have focused my career entirely on the face.

Since childhood face has always been the part of our body through which we can interact with others. Humans are social animals and the face reveals our emotions: anger, wonder, pain, happiness. We communicate, even silently, in every environment.

Everything is influenced by our self-image. If I feel positive, I will be able to have positive relationships with other people, because of a good level of self-esteem.

Face rejuvenation: the aim is a natural-looking result

Miglior Viso has a specific goal: to gain a complete rejuvenation.
My intention is to enhance the beauty of patients with a natural-looking result. To do so, I restore harmony and refresh the face like it was ten years ago.

I hope my patients will feel comfortable in front of the mirror, smile, and appreciate themselves. How can we get these results? It’s like a journey, I lead my patient step by step towards the recovery to give her harmony and a fresh look. Metaphorically speaking I am a sort of Google Maps or a compass. Together with the patient, we are going to achieve rejuvenation and happiness.

Miglior Viso method focuses the attention on the patient. It has a logical sequence of steps to obtain the best result.

Face aesthetic treatments: an exclusive, personalized, and patient-oriented program.

As a doctor, the first thing I do is to meet the patient for a global analysis. Our facial appearance changes greatly over the years.
For example, some changes affect the skin such as first wrinkles, spots, enlarged pores, moisture loss, and loss of tone.

The lineaments got more serious/ worsen. The neck loses its line, we lose volumes that shape our structure/ are the basis of our structure and our proportions a few years earlier. At the same time, we want to preserve our physiognomy and expressivity that characterizes the uniqueness of each person.

So, together with the patient, I simulate a projection of what we are going to do and achieve. This simulation is the most important part of my job because it gives me the possibility to show the patient what I can do for him/her and the level of his/her satisfaction.

In light of this, I create a program of treatments that will gradually lead the patient to the final result.

A natural result is possible with non-invasive and avant-garde aesthetic medicine.

Miglior Viso has the peculiarity of being an exclusive path for each patient, where professionalism and improvement are for one reason: to find harmony, face beauty, happiness, and feel appreciated.
A series of steps are shared with each patient, to refresh and obtain natural results.

To discover my method and regain natural beauty, please contact me.

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